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With two weeks to go in the season, any team could have finished first OR last.  In the end, three teams tied for first with Purple taking the honors due to having the best runs for/runs against result.   All in all, a very competitive season.  Congratulations to all!
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Paul Nettinga shows his true colors!

Posted by Tim DiMasi at Feb 27, 2016 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
In week 1 of the playoffs, star player Paul Nettinga from Purple Haze agreed to sub in for the Red Diehards. Trying to blend in, he donned his favorite red outfit. Somehow, Red still managed to win their game.  image

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. The weather was perfect for a great day of senior softball. With parity encompassing the ranks of the Dana Softball League this year, only 1.5 games separating first from worst. It was appropriate that the cellar dwelling Squirrels easily took down the once feared Bronx Bombers, in a 20 to 12 sleeper of a game. Then the current first place team Purple Haze flexed their muscle against the surprising high ranked Red Die Hards in a 37-13 squeaker of a game. The mid day game featured the much improved Gray Ghosts taking advantage of the aging Green Huts. Using all their extra talent acquired by Rule 5 mid-season drafts of All Stars Gray continues their clime from worst to near first defeating Green 26-18. While the afternoon session pitted the “where did they go?” X-men, in a crucial match to see if the once heralded X-Men could regain their X-lent form of early this season. Missing 4 of their first five draft choices, the X-Men showed the grit and gut it takes to be Champions, taking out the hapless Black Blitz 25-20.

Next week could decide who’s name is on the trophy when X-Men and Purple Haze collide to decide.

Almost everyone thought that after four days of heavy rain we would NOT be playing softball on January 9th.  The first photo above is a panorama of the infield taken Thursday early morning while rain was still falling.  It tapered off and we had sun on Friday but there was standing water in a few spots.  Ron Chesebro volunteered to come out and work on the field.  He spent a few hours removing the water and raking places that needed to dry.   Early Saturday morning, a few of us came out and finished the job (photo immediately above).   What was the secret ingredient?  Six bags of kitty litter!   (Thanks to Norm Young for the suggestion).   The panorama below was taken around 7AM.   By mid morning the infield was completely dry.   But we had no problem playing even the 8:30am game. imageimageimage
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Red has another exciting finish!

Posted by Tim DiMasi at Dec 11, 2015 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
Down by 21 runs going into the lext to the last inning, it looked like the Diehards would do just that.   But they managed to get the maximum of five runs before a flip flop last inning.  The merciful Gray Ghosts also lived up to their name, seeming to disappear on defense as the Red boys scored 16 runs (13 with two outs!!) to take a two run lead.   The Ghosts came up and quickly tied the game and had runners on first and second and no outs.  It looked like Red's comeback would be for naught. The next hitter lined to left field.  Lyle Nielsen dropped the ball but nabbed Angel Garcia at 3rd base for the first out.  Then the next batter hit into a game ending double play.  Final score 35-35.