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The league expresses its condolences to the Ciccone family on the passing of John on November 9. John was active not only in our league for many years, but in many others, including managing a baseball team.

Pete Gaskin knew John well and adds these words:

John was my Dana senior softball league manager for many seasons and a few more with the North County Baseball team - "Yankees'. His love of the game was complete. His devotion to excellence on the field was pervasive. An excellent left handed hitter who could use the whole field; he could be counted on in the clutch. As the Manager he never varied in tone or observation; you always knew what John wanted of his players.

During the months John was in a drug trial program we used to meet almost weekly for lunch at the Point Loma Fish Company. I got to see another side of John outside of baseball but we did talk a lot of baseball. He talked often and proudly of the accomplishments of his only child, Anthony, on the baseball diamond, in law school at PITT, the impending wedding plans. Always upbeat he took on the fight one day at a time. He never gave up. A personality trait that I will always remember and admire him for.

Our beloved John Rawlings showed us again this past Saturday why any team he plays on will be glad to have him.  John batted six times, starting with a double and then adding 4 singles and a walk for a perfect 6 for 6 on base percentage.  At 90 years young, John is an inspiration to us all!
This blatant attempt of publicity is because we want to start adding Dana softball photos to the web site.   If you have some, please email them to Dave Hunt.