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A good time was had by all.


In week one of the playoffs, sixth place Light Bleu won two games to advance to the semi finals. Third place Royal Blue also advanced.

Game one saw 2nd place finisher Crimson score 6 runs in the bottom of the open inning to defeat Royal Blue.

In the second semifinal game, it was close all the way with both teams tied after seven innings. The Bombers were held scoreless in the top of the eighth, while the first-place finishers Purple Haze only managed one to take their first lead of the game.

In the open inning, after one initial out, the Bombers bats came alive, and by the time the inning was over, they had scored an overwhelming 12 runs to advance to the finals.

A smattering of runs by both teams in the first five innings of the championship game resulted in a 9 to 9 tie game. Beset by some injuries and replacements, Crimson would only score one more run in the next four innings. Light Bleu scored seven in the eighth and ninth to preserve a six run victory and become the playoff champions of the Winter 2024 season.

A season beset by multiple rainouts had finally come to an end. Celebrations continued at the postseason party at Harbortown.

We've lost two more beloved Dana players

Posted by Dave Hunt at Apr 22, 2024 4:43PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Past president and long time Dana member Richard Wolfe passed away on March 5, 2024. Richard always had a smile and a kind word.

His wife Jefferi said she would like everyone to know how much Richard loved the game of soft ball and baseball and he loved his teammates. He had lots of activities he enjoyed such as fishing, gardening, cooking, wine collecting. But, she added, the constant joy throughout his life were the ballgames and the friendships he forged on the field.

Patrick Roche noted that Richard was instrumental in the organizing and structure of the DANA league. He drafted and implemented league bylaws – which still exist today (save for periodic changes). He served as President of the league bringing reason and stability to the Saturday games. Patrick noted that Richard was a calm, reasoned thinker – and an excellent ballplayer.

Tim Dimasi recalled that Richard was responsible for the double high fence in left field. There was a problem with too many balls sailing over the existing lower fence. Richard, who was an attorney in city government, somehow used his influence to get the city to raise the fence to its current level.

This past week we also lost Dave Tessmer. Like Richard, Dave always had a smile and a kind word, except perhaps when an umpire got it wrong. Dave was someone you could count on. Pictured above (at age 76) on a cold, rainy Saturday, he was among a number of volunteers including John Church and Marshall Cohen (78 at the time) who helped make the field playable that day.

We always knew it was Dave when we saw someone with a feather sticking out of his cap.

Dave Tessmer’s Memorial Service is scheduled for Saturday July 13 at 10am. Location: St James By The Sea in La Jolla.

We will miss Dave & Richard.

Current roster players: your manager will be asking you if you plan to play next season and how many games you expect to miss. And he will be collecting dues. We highly encourage players to pay $150 for three seasons to minimize having to collect again for the next two seasons to follow.

Non-roster players can contact Dave Hunt if you want to play next season.


About 40 of our Dana players attended the excellent training on when and how to use CPR and our AED. While we hope it won’t ever be needed, we know the chances of someone going into cardiac arrest are real.