Black Lobos captures the Fall 2022 regular season by a 1/2 game with a final day victory!

Posted by Dave Hunt on Feb 12 2023 at 10:03AM PST in Fall 2022

The Black Lobos, led by the incomparable Rich Tapia, a seasoned manager in search of his 11th league title in 45 attempts, needed only a tie in the last game to secure a first-place finish for the league, but won by a double-digit margin.

Led by Robin Royak’s towering bases-clearing home run over the left field fence, the team took the game in hand with key hits from everyone up and down in the line-up. Alas, legend Louie Lopez did not have his typical 5-5 or 4-4 outing, but contributed with some timely and sterling ball placement.

Like most teams in the San Diego Senior Softball Dana League, the Black Lobos had a number of players who spent time on the IR: Craig Roubinek, our scorekeeper extraordinaire, with his bad back; Dave Larson with a popped quad; Daniel Malchow with a hammy; and Terry McNiff with leg problems.

While Gary Bowman was overseas recruiting for next season’s team, contributors to the day’s clinching performance were: Jack Close, Tim Dimasi, Dave Larson, Louie Lopez, base coach Daniel Malchow, Terry McNiff, Bill Peitz (also with a home run for the day), Robyn Royak, and Lori Sterling.

Next Saturday, the Black Lobos will enjoy scouting the first round of the playoffs with margaritas in one hand, and donuts in the other—the staples of the champion Black Lobos.


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