Light Blue Blitz Makes a Dramatic Turnaround to win the Spring Season Playoffs

Posted by Dave Hunt on Jul 29 2023 at 07:04PM PDT in Spring 2023

Light Blue Blitz had a rough start to the season, going 0-5 and being in 9th place. Some defensive changes were made, and the defense started to gel, and with that, the hitting went from ice cold to red hot. The team went on a 9-2 run to finish the regular season with a 9-7 record, and finished 4th in the standings. Despite the rough start, they also had the most runs scored during the season.

That finish earned a bye in the first week so they only had to play one game, the winner of Royal Blue and Black. Black won due to a forfeit, so on July 22, at 1 pm, Light Blue faced a team that at one point was in 3rd place. Light Blue picked up right where they had left off in the regular season, scoring 19 runs to 11 by Black, to advance to the semifinals on July 29th.

On the 29th, the matchups had 2nd Place Navy Blue playing 3rd Place Red, while 1st place White faced 4th place Light Blue. Red pulled out a come from behind victory to defeat Navy Blue in the first game by one run after shutting down a late game rally by Navy Blue with a dramatic triple play. That set up the game between White and Light Blue to determine who would face Red in the finals. White had won both of the regular season games in the two teams matchups, so were the favorites.

What everyone expected to be a high scoring game started out being a defensive struggle. At the end of 2 innings, the score was 1-1. Over the next 4 innings, Light Blue pecked away and scored 17 more runs to White’s 13 more, leaving it 18-14. The last several innings were again a defensive game, and Light Blue ended up winning 23-16.

After a short rest, Light Blue were the visiting team again. Once again, their defense was strong, limiting Red to 4 runs over the first 4 innings while scoring 9 themselves. Light Blue continued hitting well, adding another 9 runs in the next 5 innings, while Red added another 6, giving Light Blue a 18-14 victory, and the Championship. Not sure if it’s the greatest comeback season ever but it’s gotta rank right up there!

Next season begins in one week!


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